Welcome to Stara Łaźnia SPA (Old Bath SPA).

Here, your soul gets a new lease of life and history meets modern times ...

The beating heart of Krakow discloses its best features. At the foot of the old royal castle, near the square saturated with luscious greenery, you will find a place suspended between the past and the present, which will help you soul reborn.


The history of Stara Łaźnia SPA is written on the canvas of stories, legends and magic permeating the old walls of the building. Its history begins about 150 years ago, when people would clean their bodies and submit to ritual treatments in the mikveh to achieve a spiritual rebirth. The ritual bathhouse allowed them to regain their balance and return to everyday matters with a calm and pure heart. In 1880, Abraham Kamsler's Paris Steam Bath was located exactly where were inviting you today.


Continuing the character of this unique place today, we also offer you a full rebirth. During ceremonial spa treatments dedicated specifically to you needs, you will regain the full harmony of soul and body. Surrounded by delicate herbal scent and soothing warmth of candles, you will discover a magical story of cleansing ceremonies. We use Kurland products that are prepared just before the treatment and contain only fully natural ingredients. Stara Łaźnia SPA is a promise of an exceptional atmosphere and a guarantee of beautifully spent time. Come and visit us!