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    Feet smoothing ceremony with lavender

    A relaxing ceremonial for tired feet and mind. Thanks to sea salt and white enzyme-based clay, feet skin remains smoothed, moisturized and wonderfully soft. Sensual lavender works antiseptically and protects your feet from sweating. The whole treatment has the aroma straight from the romantic fields of Provence. The result is well-groomed skin of feet and a deep relaxation which makes you forget about everyday life.

    20 min / 80 PLN

    Feet smoothing ceremony with herbs and orange flower

    Feet and calf ritual combines sensual pleasure with the finest care. It starts with a bath in goat milk supplemented with a hint of citrus and fresh mint. Then there is a salt peeling with a mallow flower and a wrap of white clay and alpine herbs. The synergistic effect of the treatments gives your skin a silky smoothness, while the Adventure oil with coffee extract improves microcirculation and prevents swelling.

    20 min / 80 PLN

    Hand smoothing ceremony with rose

    Relaxing hand care provides beauty to your skin and relief to your spirit. Due to its rose character, it is an exceptionally sensual ceremonial. A nutritious bath in goat milk with the addition of smoothing and aromatic blend of poppy, sugar and rose petals keeps your skin deeply saturated with moisture. It impressive and velvety softness. Thanks to rose petals, your hands will have a beautiful rose scent that will stay on your skin throughout the whole day.

    20 min / 80 PLN




    Salt-oil body smoothing

    Enjoy the sea breeze – it's at your fingertips. Cleansing treatment based on Atlantic sea salt helps exfoliate and cleanse your skin of toxins. Thanks to the micronutrients and minerals, it improves the look of the skin and makes it silky smooth. After the smoothing ritual, you will feel like after a swim in the sea.

    30 min / 100 PLN

    Detoxifying peeling

    A luxurious ritual with a revitalizing and cleansing effect. Coffee and precious oils make your skin regain its healthy color and radiant glow. Is a feast for your body and spirit – the skin is deeply nourished and stimulated, while the aromatic scent of coffee caresses your senses. The ritual is recommended for tired and dull complexion that needs stimulation and relaxation.

    30 min / 100 PLN

    Cocoa peeling

    An aromatic ritual based on the cocoa extract. It caresses your senses with the smell of sweet chocolate and stimulates the skin to achieve smoothness and softness. After the treatment, you will enjoy bright and firm complexion, and stimulated microcirculation.

    30 min / 100 PLN

    Relaxing body smoothing with lavender

    Relaxation of your senses and body treatment based on white clay and smoothing sea salt. Their complementary effect is a combination that smooths, softens and moisturizes your skin. Relaxed senses can enjoy the aromatic lavender whose fragrance lingers in the air during the treatment.

    30 min / 120 PLN

    Herbal smoothing of your body

    Cleansing ritual – smooths your skin, harmonizes your senses and mind. Cleansing and nutritional clay Bolus Alba soothes your skin by saturating it with magnesium, silicic acid and aluminum silicate, leaving it fully radiant. Lavender, chamomile, calendula and rose petals straight from the Alpine mountains give vitality and harmonize your mind and body.

    30 min / 120 PLN



    Traditional classic massage

    The traditional, classic massage is a great way to get rid of muscle tension, nourish the skin and improve circulation. Depending on your needs, its character may be relaxing or stimulating. It is more intense in comparison with the relaxing massage. The treatment strongly stimulates muscle regeneration and improves their flexibility and firmness. Cozy candles and sensual scent help you relax.

    60 min / PLN 160

    90 min / PLN 210

    Relaxing back massage

    The perfect solution for stressed and tired people, living in a constant rush. Tension often accumulates in the muscles of your neck, shoulders and back. Thanks to the relaxing massage, which combines the technique of therapeutic and relaxation treatment, you may instantly feel relaxed and enjoy improved mental condition. This extremely popular massage loosens the taut muscles of the squares, neck and shoulders.

    30 min / PLN 100

    Deeply relaxing massage

    Deeply relaxing treatment which is the combination of an extremely pleasant feel in a cozy, relaxing atmosphere. It helps remove stress, relax muscles and makes the tiredness after a whole day completely disappear. It is perfect for people who need immediate relaxation. It is complemented by pleasant light of candles and sensual fragrance, which additionally soothes your senses.

    60 min / PLN 170

    Aromatherapeutic massage based on warm olive oil

    Extremely sensual treatment combining a pleasure feel and fragrances. The whole body massage based on a warm olive oil is extremely relaxing, not only for the muscles, but also for the whole mind. Sensual essential oils regenerate and moisturize your skin, while the aroma greatly improves your well-being. Soothing music and candles complemented by relaxing elements.

    60 min / PLN 180

    Moment of relief – massage for tired legs

    This soothing massage for tired legs is an excellent way to improve venous and lymphatic circulation. It provides a regenerating and relaxing effect, makes muscle tension disappear without a trace and leaves a feeling of pleasantly light legs. It is perfect for anyone who spends a lot of time walking or standing – this soothing ritual for tired legs will restore their comfort and relaxation.

    45 min / PLN 130

    Anti-stress massage (arms, feet, head and hands)

    Massage for shoulders, feet, head and hands. It is a great way to get rid of stress and forget about everyday problems. Extremely pleasant massage in a romantic atmosphere – with candles and soothing music. It allows you to quickly reduce stress and tension and provides a refuge from everyday problems. Thanks to the massaged areas, this anti-stress treatment is also recommended to pregnant ladies.

    45 min / PLN 130

    Aroma candle massage

    A particularly sensual and attractive ceremony. It combines the strength of natural ingredients, the warmth of oil and the soothing power of fire. A massage with warm oil from candle wax, including shea butter and coconut oil. The relaxing warmth is distributed on your skin, which increases the stress relief values. The sensual aroma and exceptionally velvety consistency of the oil provides unique pleasure and relief.

    60 min / PLN 190

    Special "Stara Łaźnia SPA" massage based on shea butter

    Specially selected movements combining different massage techniques bring your body and soul into a state of deep relaxation. Thanks to the compellingly sensual shea butter, you will quickly feel peace and relaxation. The massage includes the head and face, which makes the ceremonial particularly relaxing for the whole body and mind. After the massage, the nutrients in shea butter make the skin smooth and delicate like silk.

    75 min / PLN 210

    Relaxing massage for two

    Beautiful things should be shared with another person. Relaxing massage for two is a ceremonial that provides deep relaxation and exceptional quality time together. It is a sensual combination of relaxation and romantic character. It eliminates accumulated stress, leaving your body relaxed and your mind happy. You will long remember about the gentle touch, soothing music and warm candlelight.

    60 min / PLN 320

    Feet massage

    Feet treatment based on a classic massage. It brings relief to tired and sore feet and leaves the feeling of pleasant lightness. When used regularly, it stimulates circulation, facilitates the removal of toxins from the body and activates energy points on the foot map. Combined with a sensual atmosphere – relaxing music and a mild scent of herbs – it gives an excellent therapeutic and relaxing effect.

    30 min / PLN 90



    Red wine wrap

    A treatment combining smoothing and regeneration effects. A body wrap made of purifying clay combined with fruit acids from wine vinegars stimulates cell restoration and regenerates the skin. The result is a beautifully fresh skin with a healthy color and silky smoothness.

    75 min / PLN 230

    Beer wrap

    Created with a special focus on male needs. A whole-body treatment with stimulating and detoxifying effects. The beer brewer wrap provides cleansing and detoxification of the body, while the rich amount of B vitamins supports skin condition improvement.

    75 min / PLN 230

    Lavender wrap

    A sensual and luxurious treatment that takes your mind to the aromatic fields of Provence. This lavender and goat butter wrap deeply nourishes your skin by saturating it with active ingredients. The abundance of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants is a feast that protects your skin against aging.

    75 min / PLN 230

    Wrap with rose petals

    A sensual ritual with the scent of roses lingering in the air. Rose petals wrap the whole body, providing it with hydration and refreshment. Thanks to its antiseptic properties, the rose improves the elasticity and smoothness of the skin, while its sensual scent relaxes the whole body.

    75 min / PLN 230



    Cleopatra ritual

    Exclusive ritual that will make you feel like an ancient queen. The goat milk, avocado oil and cereal protein wrap makes your skin velvety and smooth as silk. Regenerative effects and rejuvenating properties come from the abundance of vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

    120 min / PLN 350

    Rejuvenating fruit ritual

    A delicious stimulation of your senses and the body. The fruit ritual combines the freshness of lime, the energization of grapefruit and the salutary effect of oils and fatty acids. The sensual fragrance provides a good mood, while the active ingredients caress the body. The result is the reconstruction of the protective coat of the skin and a beautifully oxygenated and radiant complexion.

    120 min / PLN 350

    Brightening ritual based on red wine

    A noble ritual based on a Bolus Alba clay and grape byproducts. The richness of magnesium, silicic acid and aluminum silicate strengthens your skin's protective system, while the vitamins and polyphenols in the extracts provide strengthening, cleansing and detoxifying effects. The ritual beautifully illuminates the skin and soothes the stress of everyday life.

    120 min / PLN 350

    Beer ritual based on hops

    Beer is an excellent source of B vitamins, amino acids, minerals, enzymes and proteins. The ritual based on beer, barley malt and hops stimulates metabolism, improves the circulation and strengthens the hair and nails. This is a tasty solution for everyone, regardless of your skin type.

    120 min / PLN 350



    Bath in goat milk

    Bathing in goat milk is a tasteful feast that rejoices the senses and regenerates body senses. Aromatic bath oils deeply nourish and smooth the skin, while vitamins, minerals and trace elements in goat milk have a rejuvenating, regenerating and stimulating effect. Beautiful things should be shared with others – you can experience a bath with goat milk together with a close person.

    30 min 1 person / PLN 140 two people / PLN 210

    Beer bath

    A deeply relaxing and toning bath with the addition of beer extract is an unforgettable experience for everyone. Your senses enjoy a richness of stimulating sensations, while your body enjoys the saturation with vitamins. A small amount of beer drunk during a bath additionally enriches the experience and regeneration. To fully enjoy the ritual of a beer bath, you can share it with a close person.

    30 min 1 person / PLN 140 two people / PLN 210

    Rose bath with rose petals

    Royal bath with rose petals – a luxury experience at your fingertips. Essential oils and anthocyanins in the petals strengthen the delicate blood vessels and have antiseptic effects. The mild scent lingering in the air during the ritual caresses the senses and regenerates the soul. You can share the Rose Bath experience with a loved one – it's a great way to have a beautiful time together.

    30 min 1 person / PLN 140 two people / PLN 210

    Vinotherapy with red wine

    A bathing ritual combining pleasure with nutritional effects. Enzymatic and smoothing character helps stimulate circulation and supports in the fight against the passing of time. The richness of fruit acids makes the skin radiant and beautifully healthy. This sensual bath is even more fun for two – share the ritual with a loved one and enjoy unforgettable time.

    30 min 1 person / PLN 140 two people / PLN 210


    Exclusive Sauna relaxation for 2 people / 60min

    ● an exclusive stay in a dry sauna (60min) for 2 people
    ● aromatherapy with essential oils
    ● a cup of infusion made from a composition of herbs and spices

    Price for 1/2 persons 100,00 zł




    PRESTIGE spa package / 2 hrs

    ● skin cleansing with natural black olive soap Savon-Noir
    ● a classic or relaxing full body massage (60 min) with warm fragrance oil
    ● exclusive relaxation in the dry sauna
    ● aromatherapy with essential oils
    ● a cup of infusion made from a composition of herbs and spices or a glass of champagne

    1 person: 209,00 zł 

    2 persons:  399,00 zł 



    EXCLUSIVE spa package with a glass of champagne / 2 h 30 min

    ● skin cleansing with natural black olive soap Savon-Noir
    ● classic or relaxing full body massage (60 min) with warm fragrance oil for two people
    ● relaxing head massage
    ● Exclusive relaxation in the dry sauna
    ● an aromatic bath for two
    ● a cup of herbal and spice infusion for 2 people
    ● a glass of champagne for 2 people
    ● aromatherapy with essential oils

    1 person: 349,00 zł 

    2 persons:  679,00 zł



    Spa ceremony FOR HER / 1 hr 15 min


    ● Smoothing body peeling with goat's milk

    ● Traditional classical or relaxing full body massage with warm oil (45 min)

    ● aromatherapy with herbs with health-promoting properties

    ● a cup of infusion made from a composition of herbs and spices


    1 person: 219,00 zł



    Spa ceremony FOR HER PREMIUM / 2h


    ● smoothing body peeling with goat's milk

    ● traditional classic or relaxing full body massage with warm oil (60 min)

    ● aromatherapy with herbs with health-promoting properties

    ● a cup of herbal and spice infusion

    ● bath in goat's milk with a glass of wine


    1 person: 299,00 zł



    Spa ceremony FOR HIM / 1 hr 15 min


    ● body smoothing with beer scrub

    ● traditional classic or relaxing full body massage with warm oil (45 min)

    ● aromatherapy with herbs with health-promoting properties

    ● a cup of infusion made from a composition of herbs and spices


    1 person: 219,00 zł



    PREMIUM spa treatment for him / 2 hr


    ● body smoothing with beer scrub

    ● traditional classic or relaxing full body massage with warm oil (60 min)

    ● aromatherapy with herbs with health-giving properties

    ● a cup of brew made from a composition of herbs and spices

    ● a beer bath with beer tasting


    1 person: 299,00 zł



    Spa ceremony for 2 persons PREMIUM - with a glass of champagne / 2 hr


    ● body smoothing: grape seed scrub for her / beer scrub for him

    ● traditional classic or relaxing full body massage with warm oil for 2 persons (60 min)

    ● aromatherapy with herbs with health-promoting properties

    ● a cup of infusion made from a composition of herbs and spices

    ● aromatherapy herbal bath for 2 persons

    ● 2 glasses of sparkling wine


    2 persons:  579,00 zł